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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Magnificent morning, no frost, no clouds, no wind, no problems. We were all packed and ready to go by 07:30 and had a trouble-free run down the King's Highway and pulled in just after 10:00.

One of my first tasks was to contact the Insurance people to find out about having the window fixed. The lady gave me a claim number and told me to contact the local glazier. I did that and the glazier was here within the hour to measure up and remove the frame. Back within an hour and the whole job finished by 14:00.

So many things to catch up on, it will take a day or two.

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Last Day in Canberra

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Crisp morning with a hint of fog under a cloudless sky. No wind to speak of and the promise of a gorgeous day.

First order of business is to visit the supermarket and stock up with essential supplies for next week. Staples such as bread, fruit and yogurt and two bottles of Scotch, one each for the two neighbours who made the emergency repairs to the house.

Next a visit to the hardware store where Jenny has finally found two pieces of art to decorate the front of the house. They are two rectangular glazed tiles that should withstand the ravages of the salty environment. There is also the advantage that she can take them with her when we move to our next dwelling.

We decided to have lunch 'out' and of the many food outlets in Dickson we chose the Tradies where we enjoyed the carvery special of roast beef or lamb and vegetables for just $12 each. After lunch, I had a coffee and Jenny tickled the pokies coming out slightly ahead.

Back to EPIC with a top-up of fuel on the way in. We'll slowly pack up all our bits and be ready for an early departure in the morning.

Packed up as much as we can, all set to go, now all we hope for is a clear morning.

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Cotter & Deep Space Tracking Station

Monday, 1 October 2012

Best day for a while, bitterly cold but cloudless and hardly a breeze. Perfect day to take a drive out to the Cotter. It has been 15 years or so since we last visited this area and it should be no surprise that there have been some significant changes. Huge areas that were one-time pine forests are now new housing estates and the old road is not where it used to be !!

The area around the Cotter Dam has been recently upgraded and is now an attractive destination for a family out in a picnic. I hate to think what the crowds would be like in the warmer weather. There is also a continued construction project as the height of the dam wall is being increased to provide more drinking water for the growing population of the city.

We travelled out a further 12 Km to the Canberra Deep Space Tracking Station, a facility operated by the CSIRO on behalf of NASA. This dish played a vital role in the moon landing when it was the sole earth station that had radio contact with the craft as it approached the moon.

Stopped for a cuppa with Bert and returned to the caravan and checked out the new arrivals. We even had to open some of the windows as it had become quite warm inside.

Not planning to do anything energetic for the remainder of the day. The Smiths, MacDonalds and Dustings will be leaving in the morning so we'll most likely be gathering for a farewell drink.

After dinner I dragged Jenny out into the cold so that I could take some night shots from Mount Ainslie, stopped at the War Memorial along the way and managed to capture some interesting images.

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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Clear sky but very cold variable wind greeted us this morning so we decided to visit Floriade. The Heart Foundation runs a guided walk of the gardens before normal opening time. We met their guide at 0800 and a group of about 20 of us spent an hour viewing the flowers before the hordes arrived.

The flowers are all spectacular and appear to have survived the battering from the weather. The flowers are on display for a month and are planted in such a way that there are constantly fresh blooms appearing. Our early morning guide had told us that the 'show' changes almost daily with flowers dying and fresh ones opening. This weekend marks the midpoint and from all accounts the best showing of the event.

We received a phone call from our mate Bert, he couldn't find a vital aid which had become misplaced during yesterdays crowd in his house. We drove out to his place and using his spare key searched the living room area without luck. On our way out the back door Jenny found the gadget in the laundry. Bert had gone out so we left it on his favourite chair. Being almost totally blind, he can't find anything that isn't in it's correct place.

Back to the caravan to find that some of our neighbours have left and others moved in. Wind is still lazy, cutting through our clothing and chilling our internals.

The afternoon brought a welcome visit by older daughter and her husband. They stayed for some time and it was great to see them again.

A very cold night pending so we retired early.

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Commemorative Service

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Rain and strong winds most of the night and while the sky is relatively clear this morning the wind is bitterly cold.

Got dressed up for the commemorative service at the War Memorial. By 10 AM about 20 of us were huddled together trying to use each-other as a windbreak. All to no avail, the wind cut through our jackets and was joined in the assault by a sleety, wet drizzle. Canberra turned on a real winter-time day.

A few appropriate words were spoken and we dashed back to the vehicles. Next stop was the Charnwood Labor Club for lunch. Bert had organised a set menu for us with a choice of steak or filo pastry chicken. The silly old bugger had arranged to pay for the lot !! Not a single complaint from anyone, but of a record I think.

Final stop is Bert's place for afternoon tea and coffee. Enough cakes and other sweet treats for a small army. tea and coffee and more talk and finally we head back to the campground.

Conditions have not improved and we retired to the van, turned on the heater and the TV and kicked back. Another day in this short adventure.

Also received news from our neighbour that one of the windows in our house has been blown in by the strong winds. He and a mate have secured the opening and we figure it will be OK until we get home and arrange the repair. We are blessed with good people as neighbours.

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