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On To Cootamundra

Sunday, 23 September 2012

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Woke up to a solid frost at the free camp after one of the best and most restful nights in ages. I tried my luck with the camera but didn't land any spectacular sunrise captures. Had our usual breakfast despite the lack of mains power and were ready to hit the road about 0700.

Change of plan, we've decided to drop in on Nat and the Family in Queanbeyan so we continue on the Kings Highway and don't travel towards Goulburn as originally planned. The run into Queanbeyan was uneventful and we stopped for a cuppa with Nat and also dropped off a sick computer that they will take to the technician who built it for an overhaul.

We continued through Canberra and headed towards Yass along the Barton Highway. We then joined the Hume Freeway and travelled southward to Coolac. Here we navigated our way along a reasonable country road to Cootamundra arriving at the caravan park just after 1100. Powered sites are $30 per night which reflects the general increase in prices and is probably why regular travellers are spending more and more nights at wayside rest stops.

All set up by lunch time and kicked back for a few hours until it was time to visit Jenny's brother who has recently moved here. He and his wife have a lovely home with plenty of yard to indulge her passion for gardening. Had a lovely dinner and drank a little too much wine.

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Early Start

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Our intention was to travel to Cootamundra on Sunday but by noon today we were itching to be on our way.

The weather was great and we hauled our rig up the Clyde along the Kings Highway. This is always the most difficult part of any trip as we get familiar again with the weight and handling of a unit that weighs in excess of 5 ton. I'm constantly shifting gears as we climb any significant rises and are often forced to drop from fifth, to fourth and down to third gear and lucky to maintain 20 KPH. On the really steep sections of the Clyde we're down to second gear and crawl along at just over 10 KPH.

Our destination for this first leg is the free-camp rest stop alongside the Shoalhaven River about 15 Km west of Braidwood. There we joined about ten other travellers and camped for the night. One couple we spoke to had been there for the best part of the week and were intending to stay another few days. The spot is very popular during the summer.

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Tuesday, 18 Sep 2012

Stocking up the caravan and trying to recall the many things we need to have with us. each time we set out we finish up carrying much more that we use. Bit of the 'boy scout' in me - "Be Prepared".

This will be a very short outing, only 11 days hence the packing should be much lighter than normal. The hard part is the clothing with the current variable weather likely to continue. There's also the need for some better clobber for the ceremony in Canberra on the fifth anniversary of the dedication of the unit plaque in 2007.

I'll try to post on a daily basis and slot in a photograph or two along the way.

Push-off is Sunday morning 23 Sep heading for Cootamundra a distance of 373 Km. The view on the map

is a bit misleading. Because we are towing the van we will travel to Cootamundra via Coulburn and Coolac. The route is somewhat longer than the shortest but has better roads and grades.

Cheers ... Tony

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